Save the animals. Keep them safe.

The World Wildlife Foundation painstakingly selects the land programmes and the most critically endangered animals grouping them into a 100 List.

We will present to you our 100 List every year or whenever necessary, it will be an imperfect presentation and you may not agree with the entire list, but we shall strive to do our best. As an animal charity, we rely on the support and donations of others in order to pursue our causes. Saving these endangered animals is not an easy task. You will note throughout this site that there are many obstacles that must be overcome in order to achieve our goals and we have to set about tackling these obstacles in the correct way if we are to achieve a lasting success.

Animal conservation is not a lone operation and the more people who get involved the better. Therefore, we invite members and representatives of any animal charity to join with us in support of these endangered animals. With action required all over the World, we need as much localised support as possible in order to establish and manage conservation programmes. The 100 List can work side by side with an animal charity in any part of the World in order to help save these endangered animals.

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Land Programmes

Here at World Wildlife Foundation we research a range of projects in strategic locations throughout the world. We will work alongside a local conservation or an animal charity, to create solutions to the problems threatening the endangered animals.

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How Can You Help?

We need donations from individuals and organisations in order to provide safe breeding grounds for the endangered species as part of our land programmes. We require monetary donations with which to buy land. We also require money so that we can pay compensation to landowners in return for not killing endangered animals that have killed their livestock.

Spreading the word about our organization and the message aimed at educating people are just as important as donating money. Join an online campaign today!

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