Patagonian Land Programme

Urgent Land Programme

World Wildlife Foundation needs to buy land such as this to protect pumas, eagles, condors, armadillos, guanaco, pudu (the world’s smallest deer), wild boar, red deer, skunk, wolves and wildcat.

Steppe is the typical environment of most of Patagonia, & covers a huge area of land. It is one of the biggest single habitats in the entire world & is around 750,000km2 in size (to clear things up, it is 5 times bigger than England for example). The Steppe can be separated into a number of subdivisions, including the Coastal Steppe, which covers up almost 3000 km, & consists of a strikingly stunning coastline. None of this was protected as National Parks or nature reserves. Most land programmes preservation efforts had gone into protecting the more known pampas, the rainforests of the Andes & maritime environments.

Our goal
What we want to do is develop a sort of eco tourism lodge; therefore our urgent Patagonian land programme is set up for buying land. With the help and support of our Argentinean partners, pumas, eagles, condors, armadillos, guanaco, pudu, wild boar, red deer, skunk, wolves and wildcats will preserve their natural habitat. World Wildlife Foundation hopes to raise a lot more funds to develop the project and carry on its aims.

Your support
Any donation is a step ahead into preserving wildlife. Imagine that it is up to you to protect the Patagonian land. On the other hand, you could support our goals by offering part of your time as a volunteer.

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