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Beside raising money, we also need to raise awareness of the plight of these endangered animals. We need to educate the local population about the effects they are having on their wildlife and about how they can help to protect it and help it flourish again.

On a global scale, we also need to make people aware that this is world wildlife that we are concerned about. Once these endangered animals are gone, they are gone from the whole world. That will be yet another species extinct it what is a relatively short period of the Earth’ s history.

Join us, subscribe, create a group/an online community and help us educate others. For education is the road to knowledge. And knowledge is a tipping points towards saving endangered species.

Do you have your own website or blog?
Show your support by spreading the message. Link to us. Either download the banners or simply copy and paste the HTML code onto your website/blog. And feel free to tell our story.

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