We can’ t afford to let endangered animals die out when the solution to the problem is available if we only had access to the right resources. Resources such as land and money, which seem to be in plentiful supply when expanding corporate empires across the world, seem very hard to come by when animals, many of which walked this earth long before man, are in danger of extinction.

Here at World Wildlife Foundation we research a range of projects in strategic locations throughout the world. We will work alongside a local conservation or an animal charity, to create solutions to the problems threatening the endangered animals. Two such solutions where your donations will go through are:

I. Land Programmes
II. Compensation Programmes

Our aim is to continue to set up these programmes and others like them, in as many locations throughout the World as possible and welcome the support of any animal charity, organisation, government or individual in doing so.

Donate money. Every animal charity relies on donations. Help us to help these endangered animals.

Contribute whatever you can, to help this cause. By helping to save these animals today, we can ensure that your children, your grandchildren, and many generations to come can enjoy the beauty that they bring to this world.

Lend us money [contact us direct if you wish to lend us money]. We are pioneers among the animal charity world in developing loans to animal charities.

When Should You Act?
An endangered Patagonian Puma cub may never know that he has you to thank for his life but if you know that is reward enough. So, act now.

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