How we work

Endangered species are our main worry. We intend to save as many as we can, buy land for conservation & preserve the bio diversity habitats for the animals.

Here at World Wildlife Foundation we research a range of projects in strategic locations throughout the World. We will work alongside a local conservation or an animal charity, to create solutions to the problems threatening the endangered animals. Two such solutions are land programmes and compensation programmes.

Once a programme for a particular animal conservation problem has been created, it then has to be put into practice successfully.

Foremost among the means we use are to get together with landowners, convince them to join with us, not to shoot or trap animals that threaten their livestock. In return for the help of the landowners we give landowners financial compensation when the big cats or other animals kill livestock as prey. This brings benefits for all participants.

Help and be helped
We welcome and at the same time we try to help other organisations from all corners of the Globe. Support groups are especially welcome. Are you trying to organise a wildlife conservation group in your country? Do you need our help to organise the group? Contact us for details.

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