Who we are

We are a legally registered not for profit organisation. Our non-profit foundation registered number (RBN) is 397202 and we have in house rules stipulating that no Director can receive any salary, wage, bonus, commission, “company” car, free medical insurance nor any similar benefits. This makes us leaner and cleaner than almost all charities. More focused too we believe.

Our main aims at the present time are to buy conservation land in Patagonia (Chile & Argentina). The wildlife in Patagonia is endangered including pumas, rhea (flightless birds, similar to an ostrich) , rare deer species, eagles, condors, patagonian foxes, pygmy owls and many more.

Any conservation team is as good as the team leaders and we hope that our team, an international one, meets these criteria:

Declan Whelan, Irish. Business Consultant.
Doctor Kadirvelu Senthilkumar
, Indian. Veterinary Doctor specialising in rare breeding programmes.
Tony McArdle
, Irish. Marine Specialist, author & Honorary Secretary.
Paul Taylor
, English. Business Financier, Chairman.
Malcolm Neal
, English. Forestry Advisor specialist.

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