What we do

We buy land and we protect the endangered species.

Endangered Species
So many wonderful animals are endangered. So many rare, seldom seen in a disappearing habitat. We work to find population numbers of rare animals, where they are, where they travel. What their territories are. What is killing them. Once data is available we can find the answers.

Tigers, pumas, red pandas, snow leopards, so many need saving. Snow leopards prey on red pandas so the problem is not always easily apparent. Southern pumas in Argentina & Chile are at great risk and must be saved with land purchase and landowner compensation for puma kills of livestock, and we must convince people to take a different view of the animals. We must get landowners on our side.

We raise money and buy land for endangered animals. This seems like a big project.  In fact it is not. It can be done and once bought, the land is for the animals for all time. There will be no encroachment on their vista. It is theirs for as far as their eyes can see. We will have trusted people to watch over the range, plains, pampas, forest, velds, jungle & mountains.

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